Below is a list of Facebook Groups and Pages that you may find useful for parts, meets, events, ideas and help. These are local, national and international and are updated regulaly.

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These are our Facebook groups and Pages associated with us.

Our group, private. Approval to join.

Our group. Dedicated to the National event. Members can post, interact and get information about what's happening before anywhere else.

The page, open for everyone.

The page. Open to everyone. Is there for creating the Facebook events to be able to be shared publicly.


Everything Facebook

Parts suppliers on facebook.

Click on the name to get to the facebook group/page. Some groups may be closed, which you will need to be accepted into.

Raw Saab

Parts for OG 9-3 and OG 9-5

Raw Saab works with OG Saab 9-3 and  9-5 vehicles, mainly supplying parts but with a vast knowledge, its worth your time speaking to them if you have an issue with your Saab.

N W Saabs

Parts for OG 9-5

North Western Saabs specialises in OG 9-5 parts, supplying quality new and used parts.

Ron Saab Leeds

Parts for NG 9-3

Ron Saab Leeds works mainly with NG Saab 9-3 however has had a few NG 9-5 in so it is worth asking him even if you don't own a NG 9-3. supplying quality used parts and with years of experience, he is a good go to

Anthony Jordan

Parts for NG 9-3

Anthony Jordan is a NG 9-3 spares specialist working mainly in Ireland. however he does buy Mainland UK cars to strip for parts as well. The parts he supplies are of the best used quality.

Jame Vey

Parts for 9-5

Second Hand Parts for 9-5's

Andrew Skirrow

Parts for NG 9-3

Second Hand Parts for NG 9-3's.

Hagstrom Saab

OG 9-3, NG9-3, 9-5

Hagstrom Saab are a parts supplier, service centre and used Saab Specialist selling everything from the most basic front wheel drive 2 stroke 92 models right up to the most sophisticated V6 NG 9-5 XWD AERO

Everything Facebook

Groups on Facebooks

Details and descriptions are added all time


Onlysaabsuk was created with the sole purpose to make the saab community closer. With meets and events hosted by our page, being able to share with every group, not just onlysaabsuk. Also sharing other groups meets etc too. With vehicles for sale and help and support only a question away.

Saab Nuts!

Saab Owners Club GB


Kent Saabs

North West Saabs


Saab Owners Club UK

Saab 9-5 Owners

Yorkshire SAAB Group

Great Western Saabs

Saab Convoys UK!

Scottish Saab Enthusiasts


Saab Owners of Ireland

Saab Va Bien Groupe

Scottish Saab 90/99

Everything Saab

Super Saab UK

Saab Owners Club Northern Ireland

SSCC Saab Slayers Car Club

Scottish Saab Club

Swede Tuning

Saabs of America

Saab Collectables

Saab Parts and Cars for sale

Saab Performance and Styling

Midland Saab Group

Saabs United

Everything Facebook

Pages on facebook

Only Saabs Uk meets

Meets page linked to Onlysaabsuk

This page is dedicated to creating meets/events for Onlysaabsuk. With the sole purpose of making the meets available across the saab community, not just onlysaabsuk members.

Herts & Essex Meets Page

A meets page. Usually held either near Harlow or Epping.

Meets/Events around the Herts/Essex area

Saab 9000/C900 Owners Club

Item Subtitle

This page is  dedicated centre for all 9000 and C900 owners across the world. Anything from general chat to cars for sale can be found here.