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In previous years we have had great success and recognition from Saab media outlets for being 'A British top club who organizes an annual traditional gathering, A National One day event for Saab Enthusiasts in Great Britain – the biggest possible one day event open to all Saab owners at a very low cost. 
here are the links so you can see for yourselves.

Saabs United GB 2018

June 9th 2018

Our first ever event. With 44 cars attending and many happy memories made in such a great venue.

Saabs United 2019

June 8th 2019

For this event we worked around the clock, organizing marshals, traders, parking plans, a better raffle with higher value prizes, the lot and it paid off, with a total of 79 cars filling the airfield we achieved above and beyond what we expected, especially when you consider the horrific weather!


Saabs United 2018

Be the wolf, not a sheep!


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2018 Gallery


2019 Gallery